Renowned clear solutions in liquid bulk logistics & tank farm


Rotterdam Port, Netherlands

Houston Port, Texas City, USA.


S-line Logistics has a state-of-the-art tank farm with ample deepwater berths and facilities for the transhipment and storage of a wide range of liquid bulk products. The 420-metre sea jetty is capable of handling two seagoing vessels of up to 115,000 DWT and two tank barges simultaneously. S-line Logistics also offers possibilities for train and truck loading.

Accessibility by sea, river, road and railway
Specialists 24/7 ready for customers
Reliable and flexible partner
Effective logistics solutions
Value added services in heated and insulated tanks
License AEO and ISPS for customs and port activities
Optimal conditions for quality and safety



We operate our company with the philosophy of a global company driven by local entrepreneurship. We are in a service-focused business. This means that all of our technology and all of our services are configured to offer our customers more than just the storage of liquid bulk products (oil products, chemicals, vegetable oils, liquefied gases and biofuels). And because service revolves around human beings, everything at S-line Logistics revolves around our people around the world.


S-line Logistics & Tank Farm guarantees constant quality

Quality, safety and the environment has a lot of attention and focus in contemporary times. We respect and adhere to national and international rules and regulations, especially to the provisions that are the result of the certification:


Furthermore the company endeavours to anticipate future developments in this area as much as it can. S-line Logistics is approved by NOFOTA and also NTA 8620 approved by DCMR, Fire Brigade and Labour Inspection certified.


Health, Safety & Environment


S-line Logistics & tank farm's has an on-going commitment to improve the quality of its services, while protecting people and the environment. Ensuring health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, customer satisfaction, and community well-being is at the heart of S-line Logistics & tank farm's  corporate mission.

S-line Logistics & tank farm's HSE policy is driven by the following principles:

Protecting safety and health is the individual and collective responsibility of each and every person at S-line Logistics and is deeply embedded in the corporate culture.
Environmental responsibility is one of S-line Logistics & tank farm's core values. S-line Logistics & tank farm recognises the potential environmental impact of its operations and strives to manage and minimise the associated risks.

To safeguard and continuously improve the quality of its services, S-line Logistics & tank farm has established a culture of operational excellence.

S-line Logistics & tank farm is committed to ensure it possesses the necessary permits and equipment to meet current and anticipated regulatory requirements. HSE is taken into consideration at all levels of S-line Logistics & tank farm’s strategic and operational planning.

HSE Policy & Standards

Culture of operational excellence
ISO certifications



S-Line Logistics is a family owned organization, founded in 2012.

S-Line Logistics main activities are Transportation and Storage. S-line Logistics & Tank Farm uses a 40.000 m2 container storage area with a capacity of 2400 TEU (incl 1350 ADR-TEU) and is direct situated on the highway A15.

The tank farm specializes in handling and storing (ADR) tank containers (ISO tanks and SWAB bodies), both loaded or empty. It is fully equipped with all the necessary safety provisions, including fire extinguishing equipment, a calamity unit (spill unit) and liquid-retaining and liquid resistant floors.

Next to a road connection, we also have barge connections to the short- and deep sea terminals in Rotterdam (NL) and Antwerp (BE), and to all inland terminals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. The S-Line Logistics has together with Cetem Containers the availability of 2 jetties.

S-Line Logistics is a 'one-stop-shop' for transfer and storage of empty and loaded (tank) containers, including hazardous substances. We can also heat or cool your product by using (hot) water, electricity or steam.